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Monday 27 October 2014Last updated 3 minutes ago

The Battle of Faculties

As a matter of fact, a brand-new organisation which took place on the 16th of October turned out a very interesting humoristic performance. That show was a perfect example that students of Ostrog Academy are the smartest and the most talented. One student admitted, «It was a great honour for me to see familiar faces of my group mates and neighbours acting on the scene. I think they made a real effort while preparing. For some of the teams, who participated in this performance, it was a considerable difficulty to get ready for this show because of the immense workload they had at the university». Mind you, there are those who settle a dispute with supporters of the show and the say that the evening was the real eyesore. Even so there were some mistakes of participants, those who tend to express a fierce criticism against them are supposed to leap into conclusions. The fact that you might have misinterpreted some jokes or your heart wasn’t in it is not necessarily the proof that the performance was bad. Bear in mind that most of people are too vulnerable and excessive critique or something like that can make them gutted. So do not make generalizations because it’s easier said than done to try to do something on your own. Personally I would like to express my appreciation to all of the participants and say that you are amazing. I wish you always to be over the moon. Do not get devastated or do no such thing when you have hardships or troubles. Practice makes perfect so keep on going and do your best.

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